Discover your unique energetic imprint to unlock your full potential, both personally and professionally. With insights from Human Design, gain a deeper understanding of your strengths and challenges, and learn practical tips to thrive in all areas of life.



Holistic Health Coach, reiki II healer and experienced executive, passionate about personal development and health optimization!

Human Design is a revolutionary system combining science and ancient wisdom based on your birth information. This system provides a unique-to-you roadmap for navigating life with more ease, clarity, and purpose. It's like having your own personal GPS for the soul! 

I discovered the incredible power of Human Design on my own wellness journey. Now I'm here to help you embark on a journey that unleashes your authenticity with simple tools to break from conditioning!

decode your unique Human Design and uncover your true potential


decode your unique Human Design and uncover your true potential

Book your personalized reading to gain a holistic understanding of your chart, along with actionable tips to apply this knowledge to your everyday life, no matter where you are on your journey. Let's tap into your cosmic blueprint and unleash your inner power!


Coaching by Design 01

With our blend of questionnaires  and Human Design insights, we'll help you uncover any emotional blocks, physical discomforts, external and internal stressors (think gut health, inflammation, hormonal imbalances, career, finances, relationships…), and much more. From there, we'll create personalized mind-body goals for you, or for colleagues, family and friends that can be realistically achieved in just 12 weeks. It's like having your very own cosmic cheerleader and wellness coach, all in one!

Workshops by Design 02

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Let's start by optimizing your employee wellness and productivity for a healthier bottom line! Join us for a jam-packed 6-hour workshop that covers everything from Human Design insights to goal setting, reflection exercises, and functional processes. Best of all, we'll tailor the content to your unique group for maximum impact. Get ready to see your team thrive and your ROI skyrocket.

I’m so grateful for everything we’re doing together and I love where this path is leading me....

Listening to my body without judgment now seems like a habit and though I’m not always making the best choices, I am progressively correcting and making better ones!” 

- Lilly

This feels so validating.

I always knew I processed things differently than others and saw the world differently but to know why or where that comes from feels peaceful instead of feeling like, ‘ughh - no one understands me’. Or even just, ‘I guess that’s just how I am’. Now it feels more, ‘yep, this is me!’

- Emily

Thank you so much!!!

This was awesome and kind of eye opening! Appreciate it tons!

- Kaleena

I can’t believe yesterday.

I feel different knowing this information, like several puzzle pieces came together in this magical way!

- Celeste

I LOVED our chat.

It helped me not be so harsh on myself and understand my weirdness. When learning about others I can understand how to approach them.

- Mindy